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Parrot Breeder Service

You of course just want the best for your bird!


But do your ideas match with the ones of your pet? The following points should be considered – besides a healthy and balanced feeding:

BLA20 DLB-001 Hyazintharas
  • Keeping in pairs just like in nature. Single keeping is not suitable for animals, even if spend a lot of time at home and play a lot with the bird! The Parrot Park at Bochum offers professional pairing service with a matching partner for single kept birds (www.papageienpark-bochum.de)
  • Sufficient size of the cage with the possibility of flying under control
  • Bird room with or without outside aviary
  • Sufficient illumination, possible with a daylight lamp with portion of ultraviolet rays
  • Enough air humidity (Vaporiser - Humidifier)
  • Supply of fresh air
  • Easy cleaning
  • Cutting of wing feathers is generally to be refused! If you wish to bring your bird you into the garden, consider a suitable backpack. Harnesses for birds aren’t proper, due to a high risk of injuries. Free flying is only possible if the bird is perfectly trained, and of course a certain risk always remains...

You would always educate your dog. A parrot is more intelligent than a dog: If you don’t educate him, he will educate you for sure! A professional training is recommended (www.papageien-training.de)