Veterinary Practice Limited to Parrots
Parrot Breeder Service

A new family member is acquired: looks good on first sight, right?
But do you know,

  • How the lung and the air sacks look like?
  • How far the gonads are developed?
  • If it really is the promised female?
  • How the liver and kidneys work?
  • Which bacteria and fungus live in the digestive tract?
  • If the bird is infected with psittacosis (parrot fever)?
  • If it is infected with viruses causing the Proventriculus Dilatation Disease (PDD) or the Psittacine-Beak- and Feather Disease (PBFD)?

To prevent you from major disappointment and buying the “pig in a poke”, we will conduct veterinary pre-purchase checks according to your wishes.
The bird will be examined from the inside and the outside and afterwards you will receive our recommendation

  • to purchase the bird
  • to purchase the bird for a lower price, due to minor defects
  • not to buy the bird because of major defects

The costs for this examination will be shouldered by the buyer of the bird.

If the seller refuses to let his bird have a pre-purchase check, this should be a reason for you not to buy the bird; because apparently the seller isn’t convinced by the quality of his bird.

A pre-purchase check of parrots and parakeet is circumstantial. It can be an in depth or just a superficial examination. The more examinations are done, the more detailed will be the overall picture about quality and state of health of the bird. And of course the statement of the veterinarian will be more precise. Furthermore it has to be decided whether the bird will be a breeding or a pet bird. We would love to offer you an individual package of reasonable examinations.