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Tarzan or Jane?

Most parrots and parakeets are monomorphic, which means you can’t say for sure whether the bird is male or female, just by looking at the outside. Unfortunately differences in size, colour or behaviour are not a clear indication for the sex of your bird.

There are a few options to determine the sex of a bird: In a laboratory, the sex of a bird can be determined by examining a blood or feather sample. This has become a fairly sure method, which is very cost-efficient as well.


If you let the sex of the bird be determined by endoscopy, I can take a look inside the bird’s abdominal cavity. Endoscopy is so much more than just a mere sexing. Male or female isn’t all that should be known about one’s parrot!

A closer look through my endoscope at your bird’s inner organs shows me:

  • Whether the bird is male or female
  • Whether your bird has clear or inflamed air sacks
  • If your bird has a fungus infection or granulomas
  • If your bird is fit for breeding that means in which condition the gonads are
  • Whether your bird has hepatic disease
  • The visual condition of the kidneys
  • Ventriculus and proventriculus (both stomachs in birds) and intestines
  • Whether your bird has inner fatty deposits
  • and much more
Pyrrhura Luftroehrenendoskopie

Small Birds can be evaluated by endoscopy without any problems, too.

The endoscopy is bloodless - the incision of skin and muscles is only about 2mm long and seals itself after the surgical procedure, when the muscles loop back together. The examination is performed, while the bird is under anaesthesia and allows a 100 % sure determination of the sex. The possibility to mix up blood or feather samples like it happens in the laboratory from time to time doesn’t exist in endoscopy. The bird is tattooed afterwards to clearly mark it as male or female. Of course you will receive a certificate with the particular reports.

Endoscopy isn’t just limited to the abdominal cavity; we can do endoscopic evaluation of the trachea as well.