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Neutering of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, cattle, sheep and horses has been accepted by the society decades ago.

Neutering of parrots isn’t anything new either. This operation used to be done by opening the abdominal cavity. Unfortunately this resolved in bleeding, long convalescence or even cases of death from time to time.

It was like this until controllable gas anaesthesia and abdominal surgery with endoscopes have made a gentle castration possible. The technique has even improved by the modern use of laser technology, and today I undertake castration at birds starting with a weight of 100g.


Therapeutic use of neutering

  • sexually caused aggression towards cage mates or owner
  • chronically prolapsed cloaca in female birds
  • excessive or life threatening egg laying
  • sexually caused self mutilation in cockatoos
  • treatment of ovarian cysts
  • treatment of testicle and ovarian tumours
  • repeated egg bound
  • behavioural problems due to hormonal stress

Preventive use of neutering

  • on juvenile birds whose owner does not want to breed with these birds
  • When birds of the same sex or siblings are kept together
  • To prevent sexual caused aggression (e.g. male cockatoos killing their females) and excessive staying in the nest box (e.g. female of Eclectus Parrot) as well as for birds in training and public shows.

We would be happy to answer your questions regarding the neutering.