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It doesn’t matter if the bird is big or small: it is always excited when it visits the veterinarian! In order that avoid too much stress and fear, we use a very mild gas-anaesthesia. The bird breathes in a mixture of gas and oxygen and sleeps within a matter of seconds. After that he is completely relaxed and ready for everything.


So the veterinarian can take care of smaller issues like beak-grinding, without having the bird freeze of fear. Even bigger surgeries can be executed without pain. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a endoscopic evaluation of the internal organs, the treatment of wounds or simply the removal of an ingrown leg band.

Brot 6

After the examination the gas supply is stopped. The bird completely breathes out the gas (it is hardly metabolised in the body) and the bird comes back to normal after a few minutes. Shortly after he is sitting on his perch again – and luckily doesn’t remember anything.