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There are many reasons for a clear identification of a bird with transponders

  • According to the German law, protected parrot species have to be clearly identified
  • Identification of a lost or stolen bird
  • Assigning of the individual progenies to their parents
  • Setting up unrelated pairs
  • Controls of the state veterinarian or the responsible CITES Management Authority
  • Reading of the transponder is possible from a distance of ca. 15- 20 cm, through a catching net and the bottom of a transport box
  • Much safer than leg bands: no possibility of injuries on the legs
  • Good tissue tolerance if the microchip is implanted correctly - at the right location under anaesthesia by an experienced veterinarian
  • Cannot be manipulated if implanted correctly
  • Implantation is possible in birds with body weight of 80 g and more

By now there are leg bands with incorporated microchips available. Please contact us!