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What do parrots eat in nature?

For sure they don’t eat sunflower seeds or peanuts! But unfortunately, in many cages it looks like this.


Why are parrots in captivity fed with grain, nuts or even table food since decades? Because they enjoy eating it, the feeding is easy and cheap and it has always been done like that...


Please consider the fact that parrots in captivity have a much lower energy requirement than in nature, where they have to fly up to 100 km a day and have to work for their food. In nature they mainly have access to berries, buds and fruits, no peanuts, sunflower seeds, sausages, potatoes or noodles! The food in the wild has mainly a quite low energy content, contains much crude fibre, but little fat.

Therefore fatty seed mixtures, nuts, dried fruits or table food are not to be used as a balanced feeding for parrots and parakeets.
You wouldn’t allow your children either to only eat chocolate and other sweets.


A good feeding has to fulfil these criteria:

  • Not to fatty
  • Without any fungus and mycotoxins, food-grade
  • Without any pesticides, preservatives and artificial colours – just like in nature
  • Enough vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Balanced relation between protein, carbohydrates and fats
  • No selection of individual food ingredients which your birds prefers
  • No unlimited access to food, just as much as the bird actually needs

There certainly are many different ways to feed your bird in a healthy way. Our recommendation is Harrison’s Premium Organic Bird Food with organic ingredients, fulfils the upper criteria and has been approved since more than 2 decades as high quality bird food for young, adult, old as well as ill parrots.

More information regarding this topic can be found under www.avijan.com or www.avifood.com.

We would love to consult you or analyse a sample of your current food.