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Unfortunately your bird isn’t able to tell you where he feels pain. You simply realise that it doesn’t feel well. It’s just sitting on his perch with fluffed feathers, searching for rest and heat. But if it gets sick, you need to hurry.


Parrots and parakeets are prey in the nature: they don’t show that they aren’t feeling well. Thereby they want to avoid to be recognized as easy prey in nature. But if you realize that your bird is ill, this might be the fact since not only yesterday. Because of its intensive metabolism you should bring your bird to the veterinarian as fast as possible as it needs help at once.

A problem regarding the treatment of parrots and parakeets is the fact that many different illnesses lead to the same external visible signs. Our experience has shown that in most cases we deal with a complex of problems, which is at first sight only recognized as the “tip of the iceberg”. The treatment of those of course won’t lead to a durable recovery of the patient.


A thoroughgoing diagnostic workup is the base for recognizing the problems of your birds when I see the patient for the first time. In close cooperation with you we concentrate on the diagnosed problems of your bird and treat them according to their priority.


Parrots are like small children: When they are ill, they would rather be at home than anywhere else. Our experience has shown that a bird will recover the best, when you take him back home after the examination. We shall explain you how you can continue the treatment and administer medications at home. If necessary, we advise you how to force feed the bird.

If anymore questions should appear, feel free to call us!